Virgin Coconuts Oil 300ML


MINYAK kelapa dara juga digelar superfood. Ia bukan sahaja digunakan dalam masakan, bahkan juga untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan.

Virgin coconut oil is also called superfood. It is not only used in cooking, but also for health and beauty.


Diproses dari kelapa segar.Diolah tanpa pemanasan dan penambahan bahan kimia. Sangat bermanfaat bagi kesihatan serta membantu meningkatkan metabolisma didalam tubuh.

Processed from fresh coconut. Produced without heating and addition of chemicals. Very beneficial for health and helps increase metabolism in the body


nutrition facts

Komposisi Purata per 110g
Tenaga/energy 893kcal
Kabohidrat /Carbohydrates 0.60g
Protein 0.55g
Lemak/fat 98.8g


Virgin Coconut Oil
Hello there? Did you know?
Kudat as known as The Tip of Borneo has the biggest coconut plantation at Sabah?
This opportunity was taken by the local entrepreneurs to take the advantage for establish the most popular local product that is Virgin Coconut Oil, which it makes Kudat one of the biggest Virgin Coconut Oil producer in Sabah.
It is 100% pure and organic as it was produced from ripe, fresh, high quality and organically grown coconut. The most unique on processed this product was they used the traditional methods (cold-pressed) and through multiple micro filtration without any preservatives.
As you know, coconut contains a lot of substance benefits to our body health.
It rich with latty acids (MCFA/MCT) which is lauric acid, it help to able maintain the immune system and heart. Also, saturated fatty acid which increase the our body’s metabolism system. Not only that, as it was preservative free, it was 100% trans fat free.
But how to use it? As simple as it.
For the consumption, it can be use for all types of cooking such as baking, frying or many more. You also can stir it into your cereal or porridge or into your favorites hot drink. It give more nice taste and aromatic fragrance. For the external use, do apply it onto your skin and hair as moisturizer or conditioner.