Bambangan Breast Oil


1.Firming sagging breast
2.Lymphatic flow and reduce breast lumps
3.Energised with Rose quartz crystal stones to help attracts love and emotional balance .
4. Reduce Breast Pain


30ml. A detectable to nourish your breasts. Keep your lymph flowing & open up your heart chakra.
Bambangan is a well known fruit for the Sabahan people (Sabah, Malaysia) especially among the Kadazan and Dusun tribes. But nowadays, it is getting popular among every race in Sabah. The tree is very tall and it takes long years to mature and bear its fruits. It can only be found in Northern and Western area of Borneo.
Research has shown that Bambangan seed has high level of antioxidant that could kills breast cancer cells. Other than bambangan seed, our breast oil comprises of blend of healing herbs and plants to assist in detoxifying you breasts while massaging them. This breast massage oil is designed with a unique blend of botanical oils that are cruelty, sulfate, paraben free. This oil can help to increase your lymph system drainage and open up your lymph nodes. It also encourages your body to maintain a proper fluid balance, and this can reduce inflammation or tenderness.
Your lymphatic system has small lymph nodes throughout your system, and there are several located at the sides and top of your breast. Your lymph nodes can become blocked and inflamed due to lack of activity, illnesses, or an overload of toxins. Performing massage techniques on your breasts can help clean out your lymph nodes. It encourages a healthy drainage of lymphatic fluid and infections from your nodes to your veins and out your body.
Showing love to your body is the key when it comes to feeling happy. alive and vibrant in your day to day life. Give your body the love and attention. Don’t forget to massage and check on your breast regularly 🙂